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....Pressing "FRESH START!"

Oh HELLO Tuesday - you are certainly not the Monday I was hoping to do this on!

In any case....

If you have been following along on Instagram or Facebook {@lannieraegourmet}, you will have seen the beginnings of a fresh new start and rebrand over here at Lannie Rae Gourmet. Somehow we were re-inspired and decided to take the plunge on this product - finally! It has been in production since 2008, but we really never gave it the good old college try. It sold itself, it wasn't "creative enough" compared to other ventures to take much interest in it, food is a high risk business, etc....we had all the excuses.....investing in ourselves with money was the major excuse. BUT something kicked in this past summer and maybe it was the daily requests from all over or perhaps watching colleagues really give it hard with their own products, but something grabbed a hold and pushed us forward where we have found the creativity and passion again.



Oh......how we would be richer if we could collect money for every time someone said that to us! Honestly - we can't blame them though! It is hard to see the difference without actually tasting the difference and our consumer world is so accustomed to the price of the big box brands at the large grocery chains. We get it! It does make it hard to keep the perspective that we are not mass producers over here. It is very difficult to compete with grocery store mixes and big brands with big production facilities....so we don't compete! We feel we have a unique and tasty product in a category all of it's own.  We have repeat customers - over and over and over again who love the mixes. Those are our people and they have helped convert many nay-sayers!

What makes our mixes so special? Aside from the usual "hand crafted, small batch, locally made, generational fluffy recipe handed down over time family thing," our flavour combinations are what makes this product truly unique. We use natural and organic, dehydrated flavour compounds to add a hint of flair and that dash of deliciousness to that ordinary pancake! We are rebels like that! These specialty flavours are plant based, allergen free, kosher, and just the smallest amount makes a pretty significant impact. We have been told we have ruined ordinary pancakes forever for some people - they are all flavour from here forward! 

On top of that, we have created mixes that allow room for YOU the eater of pancakes and waffles to have the CHOICE with your additional ingredients. VEGAN? No problem - use your choice of milk replacement, egg replacement and choose an oil like safflower oil over melted butter. Everything else in our mixes are vegan friendly. NUTS!? We know we are....you!? If we are talking allergies though you need to know that we do use nuts in our kitchen! If you are allergic to nuts yet want to enjoy the Pistachio Fig mix - guess what!? YOU CAN! The flavours are formulated to be allergen free for nuts. Mind you we DO put certain nuts into certain mixes - like the Lumber Flapjack has chopped pecans. And Toasted Coconut.......has toasted coconut and Eggnog has nutmeg. GLUTEN INTOLERANT!? ahhhhhhh - soon friends - soon! Let us get off the ground and running and then let us do it right! And by right, with fluffy and texture, we also mean as cost effective as possible.


1. We changed packaging. We opted for a downsized, recyclable bag with a back zipper (for now). It is quite a departure from our previous bags as we wanted to create a compact yet sleek, modern, kitcheny look with artistic flair. They hold the exact same amount of mix as all previous packaging {400 grams} but don't take up as much box space for shipping and they take up less shelf space for retailing. They are long and lean and we dare say quite sophisticated. 

2. We minimized hard costs. We finally got it together to do actual, real costings on our mixes! Crazy right!? We have been winging this product since day one and never really knew what we were gaining or losing. So with the new packaging, came new procedures, new due diligence and new ways to maximize flavours. Shout out to Recipe Cost Calculator for their amazing platform that is simple enough for us to use! 

3. We recreated the brand and image. In the past we were trying to combine several businesses under one umbrella and for many reasons - IT JUST DIDN'T WORK! So we divided it all out, gave the food part of the business it's own website and moved the art over to www.alannahjensen.com - which is the next project on the plate! We still wanted an artsy look reflective of us, but with a foodie twist! The overall brand and new labels reflect that - we think! So this site is purely dedicated to all things pancake and waffles from here on out! 

4. We are being selective with shows and markets..... Yep! We decided to carefully select markets and trade shows moving forward where we feel we will have the best impact. And we are doing less of them. That said - we will continue to seek out pop ups, micro boutiques and product / partnership specific events. 

5. We are going to offer different sizes of mix. YES! We have been focused purely on the boutique retail and gifting market with our 400 gram bags - typically a one time use mix (some people maximize it to two uses) and we intend to keep the focus as a gourmet product. We are investigating the options of a bulk wholesale option for cafes and restaurants that might want to make the mixes on site and add them to their menus. AND smaller 200 gram packages sold in trios will also be available soon.

6. Fundraising! Yes - we believe we make a great fundraiser for non profits. Let's chat - sort of new territory for us so we are wading in slowly!

7. Custom gifting. We currently create and hand place our labels. Actually - we pay our kids to do that, but none the less that allows us to get creative for some clients. Perhaps you are hosting a stampede breakfast and want to send special invitations to VIP guests. Why not send a 200 gram mix with all your event details on it and branded with your company logo!? Wedding? We can do favours too! The ideas here are endless and we can create gourmet gift boxes using our products and those of creative partners.

8. Idea Sharing. We want our website to become some what of an all things pancake and waffle hub! From blog posts with ideas and recipes for syrups, toppings or alternative uses for the mixes, dry, bad humour, we want to share with you. AND we want YOU to share with us. Perhaps you discovered a new use for the mixes in a different type of baking idea. Or you have some great photos to share with us and our social media platforms. Look for contests, specials, hashtags to start tagging your Sunday brunch and so forth.....that brings us to a NEWSLETTER....all the cool kids are doing it so we will try! Watch for SIGN UP details soon or go to the footer below!  

9. Special Appearances. We hold a full catering license with Alberta Health. Book us to create a brunch menu and bring it to life while engaging your guests with conversation! We have hosted such events before as part of retreats and conferences. We prefer groups of 20 and under, would need a venue with a kitchen and the rest we can do! Cost varies depending on the menu, time, expectations, the speaking engagement, etc - we customize to you, but the catch is - we use our mixes somehow, somweway! Drop us a note to inquire more about this engaging, positive and delicious event. 

10. RETAILERS | STOCKISTS | COLLABS | PARTNERS ....whatever the cool name is these days for stores that will buy wholesale and resell them or people looking to curate, create, collaborate with us!! Bottom line is this - we are working with some pretty cool business with even cooler people behind them. We are partnering with new stockists every week and carefully planning where to place our products. We are implementing a section on the site for our retailers to find marketing and promotional material, ideas and collaborations and general information for in store use. That said, we are still looking to work more hand in hand with our retailers by structuring special events and even a few sampling promotions.

AND YES! WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE PARTNERSHIPS! Boutique gifting shop, local crafted shops, gifting companies, wedding planners, fundraising companies......


Last but not least.....

THE ONLINE STORE AND NEW FLAVOURS!! It is coming - it really is this time! PINKY SWEAR! It is even halfway loaded up with a "good for now" attitude! Now shipping on the other hand - still ironing out the kinks there for costs - but gosh darn it - 400 grams of mix adds up and Canada Post hates when we weigh them down and punish us with crazy rates! We are working out ways to bring a more cost effective flat rate to you without us taking a hit too. Honestly - we hope you love our products enough that you don't care what the shipping costs, alas we know it is hard to justify.  WATCH FOR NEW FLAVOURS AS WE DEVELOP THEM! 




We hope you will join us & be a part of this journey

....we really do. If it turns out that we weren't meant to do this after all this fresh button pressing, at least this time we will know that we truly gave it our all. And to give it our all, we need you and of course we thank you for the opportunity, support, shoulders to cry on (every now and then), the humour - bring it - we love ridiculousness and all said and done we hope we brighten your breakfasts! 



Alannah, Trevor & family -
Logan, Evynne, Tom & Jerry (Newfie mix dogs), Waylon & Willie (Flemish Rabbits) 

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