The Shipping Downlow.....

While we do carry some inventory on our mixes, typically we make to order.  We do our best to keep our flavourings in stock to be able to make mixes on demand, however sometimes we do run out and have to place a flavour order which is also done made to order for us! If we are out of a particular flavour that you may have tried to order, we will advise you with an approximate ready date or offer you to choose another flavour. 

We are not quite there yet to offer the amazing flat rate shipping rates we would like to throw down, but we are doing what we can and we will do our best to get as best as possible! We will offer a flat rate on bulk orders within most provinces in Canada - Flat Rate Expedited Parcel $25 all across Canada (Excluding North West Territories, Nunavut and Yukon) on orders $120 and over.  The Canadian Territories may cost more. We have run our mixes with friends in trucks who know people who know people - yep - we've gone down that road before! We do not ship to the USA or International at this point. 

We have set kitchen days and hours. Unless we have inventory, our turn around time is generally one week for production and for the product to ship. We currently offer local pick up for free from our home in Cochrane, local delivery within Cochrane and area for a small fee, and otherwise we ship via Canada Post best rate. As mentioned we are still working out some shipping details.

Returns.....let's not be awkward about it!

We have a 100% quality and taste guarantee! We sure hope you are happy with your purchases, however we do understand if something is not what you expected. We can accept responsibility for our own misses, i.e. a product not properly sealed, or missing a label or goodness me a fuzzy wuzzy floated into the mix, for example, but we cannot be held responsible for the treatment of the package by others once it leaves our hands.  We do our due diligence to package it for postage effectively. If you wish to return an item, please do not use it, (empty bags will not be considered for refund), send it back and we will help you with a refund on the product cost and the one way shipping within 15 days. You do handle the return shipping. 

Returns are tricky with food products. We much prefer to work out a solution that makes everyone happy! If you are unsatisfied with a purchase, pretty please reach out to us at and let's get the ball rolling towards your happiness! 

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you a note to let you know we got it. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed. Please allow up to 20 days for this. 

Storage of the mixes

Our mixes contain a leavening agent - also known as baking powder. While the finished product doesn't really go bad per say, it does decrease in quality over time. After a year you might find that last mix that was hanging out in your pantry wasn't as fluffy or the flavour wasn't as powerful as you once remembered it to be.....that is normal. The baking powder's effectiveness wears off, which also depends on your geographical location too by the way! The flavours tend to lose their is time to hit us up again! 

We suggest keeping the mixes in a cool, dark, dry space and use within 6 months of opening. Generally speaking our 400 gram bags are meant to be a one time use, gourmet gift extravagance, however we do hear of people splitting the mix in half and saving half for another day. If you are one of those people, simply restore the unused portion in your pantry.  


Occasionally, the food and health industry experiences recalls through our National Food Administration Department. We keep inventory of our supplies used in our mixes along with dates of purchase so we can be on top of any recalls should they come up. So far, knock on wood, we have not had to deal with any. In the car that we do, we will be sure to reach out to our customers via email, newsletter and social media. We would not administer phone calls. 

Anything Else?

We are genuinely interested and vested in sharing our fun products with you.   We work out of a licensed commercial kitchen and we try our very best to to maintain the highest of standards with regards to food safety and health practices. But if you think we missed a beat -  just call us up - "Hey! Alannah, listen - I choked on a fuzzy wuzzy." Pretty sure we will help you out with that!


If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact - attention: Alannah - we are sure we can figure out how to do that if prodded.

Privacy and all that jazz. We don't have time to sell your contact information nor are we interested in making money that way. First, it is uncreative and we would have to decorate an excel spreadsheet in fun colours before we ship a file to anyone. Who has time for that!? Second, we really wouldn't know how. All we know is we paid a lot of money to have a hosting account with all the bells and whistles to keep us safe, you safe and maybe bring world peace - wouldn't an app for that be nice? Thanks for reading our terms and conditions.