Our mixes are a perfect fundraiser - especially around times like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and even good old Saint Patrick's Day - you know we have Irish Cream mix right!? 

It is really simple. We make sure our products align with your vision first and foremost and vice versa. We are really selective on what organizations use our image and who we align ourselves with. That said, we are always game for a good cause, kid's sports, etc. We can put forth our product with our own images or we can even customize the front label to align with your non-profit brand. A small fee is required for custom label work, but we promise it is minimal!

We run our fundraising option on a sliding scale. Sell over 500 units at our retail price of $12 to $13 per package and your organization gets 40% of the funds. That simple. You sell, we take the final tally of orders, then we make up the order and get it ready for a bulk delivery to one location where participants can pick up their pre-packed orders. You deliver to your sell list and spread unapologetic Canadian deliciousness!


Interested in setting up your non-profit with our "Flapjacks for Funds" program?   Fill out the form below and we can get things sizzling!