It is totally legit to steal your bio from the Travel and Adventure blog you own right!?

Here is me for now since this is the page where I seem to get writer's block. Never is easy to say nice things about yourself is it!? Well -  it shouldn't be and I am working on that!

I grew up in the bitter cold winters of Labrador with sparkling, crunching snow under my feet and the long days of a northern summer wrapping me in sunshine and black flies. There were many times I went to school on my snowmobile so I could zip straight up to the local ski hill to ride old poma lifts and whack gates under the dancing Northern Lights. You can imagine the inspiration brewing on those nights!

I had my first business at age 15 with the help of my father and have enjoyed the ups and the downs of self-employment since. Growing up alpine ski racing and playing various other sports, both indoor and outdoor, have been instrumental in building my never stop, keep on keeping on mentality. For high school graduation my parents gifted me a Marin Mountain bike – I was one of the first people in my small town to have one and I  looked a bit odd. There is more of a story on this mountain bike – a large life lesson in fact.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and once thought I would be an orthopaedic surgeon. As it turns out, I am very ADHD and not shy to talk about it {anymore} and I have honed in on the positive traits of this diagnosis {highly creative, big outside the box thinker| so I went on to do a diploma in Marketing.

Moving from the east coast to Alberta was an unplanned, impulsive trip done with ski boots, a backpack, $300 and an ABBA cd. May as well throw in a summer camping and backpacking Europe too! I have since enjoyed working in the tourism industry in the Canadian Rockies as Marketing Manager for one of the Pioneer families, meeting and event planning management, hosting many people from all around the world and operating two successful businesses in Banff. In 2000, I initiated an all girls freeride ski program coaching young ladies through trees, cliff drops, steeps and deeps. BEST JOB EVER! And, all the while operating a busy cafe and cake shoppe for over seven years – one of the biggest lessons in perseverance of MY life.

Always an outdoors woman, adventurer, skinny-dipper, road-tripper and now add mom to the list,I am embarking on this always evolving  opportunity with this wee business to unearth my creativity and bring it to new levels. I do of course have my “side job” to go with this “side gig” and I am a part time travel and adventure writer over at blog You may also find me working my magic on a variety of catering, gifting and event projects in the Destination Management world of corporate travel. Whew!