The Shipping Downlow…..

Most items will typically be shipped within 7 -10 business days from date of order unless it is a custom art or pottery piece. Some items are not stocked and if I feel the shipping time will be a bit longer I will inform you! Please understand that much of what I do is custom made and made to order. Plus I use other partners for some products, i.e., prints are printed out of town and if I don’t have the stock I will beed to order it in and wait for it’s arrival. Custom ceramics, for example go through a long process from start to finish, involving the creating, baking it once, then glazing and baking it a second time.

I am not quite there yet to offer amazing flat rate shipping costs, but I am doing what I can and I will do my best to get good rates! For wholesale customers – please advise your best option for shipping and I will accommodate. Truth be told I am postally impaired and this will be a motivator to get my packing skills up to par. 🙂

I do not ship to the USA or International at this point. HOWEVER, I do have a few of my prints and art available on all sorts of websites for artists and I am happy to direct any of my American and International friends to a few sites where you can access my wares direct shipped to you all the white still supporting me in a small way.

Listen – pancake mix is 400grams per bag and if you want that up in Tuktoyaktuk then you must know shipping is going to be a bitch. I can’t believe I have to state this, but experience dictates that I do! I don’t apologize for the bluntness.

Returns…..let’s not be awkward about it!

I sure hope you are happy with your purchases, however I do understand if something is not what you expected, is defective from my lack of attention to detail somehow or you are fickle 🙂 I am too by the way. In all seriousness, send it back and I will help you with a refund on the product cost and the one way shipping within 15 days, you do handle the return shipping.

I am not able to refund and take back food purchases, however, I am happy to work out a solution. I want you happy – really – I really do! If you are unsatisfied with a purchase, pretty please reach out to me at and let’s get the ball rolling towards your happiness and ultimately in too! I do my best to package items for shipping, however, I cannot be held responsible for how the package is treated en route to you.  We all know there are some disgruntled postal workers out there. Some items I do put insurance on and you will be advised if that is done.

Some items are printed or manufactured in another facility using my artwork and I have to abide by their return policies. So….our policy is simple – you have 15 days to return, as this allows me to work within some of my supplier’s 30 day policies. If 15 days have drifted by since your purchase arrived at your door, its a bummer, but I can’t do a refund or exchange. So, please reach out ASAP and let’s work together to make us all happy campers. Please note, you are responsible for shipping costs for any returns. Shipping costs paid at time of transaction are non-refundable.

Care Instructions

While I do sell a variety of different products and all the care is obviously different, due diligence and common sense are of utmost importance. Most of my pottery / ceramic work is dishwasher and microwave safe, some even oven safe. It will be noted on the product description in the online store as to what the details are. I don’t do cheap work and I take the care to ensure a useable product. If it is a display piece sometimes they are glazed and fired to just be a display / decorative piece, i.e. tree ornaments.

Anything Else?

I am genuinely interested and vested in providing you great care, even if it comes with a side of humour and a high five. I encourage an open dialogue and please know that I am a reasonable human being. My intent is not to set out to rip anyone off. Please also know that I am bound to eff up from time to time too and sometimes us creative types don’t sleep, get tired and think we can take on the world, when reality is we can’t (most days). I work out of a licensed commercial kitchen for all my food products and I try my very best to to maintain the highest of standards with regards to food safety and health practices. I get it – no one digs a hair in their food – seriously – gag. I can only assure you if it is mine, I am retentively clean! Jokes aside – just let me know. No need to go to instagram and feed me to the wolves or to twitter with a meme about it! I am not even on twitter to defend myself. Just call me up – “Hey! Alannah, listen – I choked on a fuzzy wuzzy.” Pretty sure I will help you out with that!

Let’s keep it light and fun and let’s all be friends knowing we are all human and far from perfect! I hope if you have even read this far in on a terms and conditions document that you are snort laughing by now.


If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact – attention: Alannah – I am sure I can figure out how to do that if prodded.

Privacy and all that jazz. I don’t have time to sell your contact information nor am I interested in making money that way. First, it is uncreative and I would have to decorate an excel spreadsheet in fun colours before I ship a file to anyone. Who has time for that!? Second, I really wouldn’t know how. All I know is I paid a lot of money to have a hosting account with all the bells and whistles to keep me safe, you safe and maybe bring world peace – wouldn’t an app for that be nice? Thanks for reading my terms and conditions – I hope you will think of these as the most entertaining terms you have ever read if you even did.