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Weight .400 g
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 9 in

400 grams

All of our pancake / waffle mixes are flavoured - that is what makes us unique and so delicious. We add specialty dried flavourings to our homestyle recipe to put a subtle twist to the regular old flapjack!

Each mix is 400 grams and makes approximately 16  4" round pancakes or about 16  4" waffles. Instructions (with spelling mistakes no doubt) are included on the back label for both pancakes or waffles.

We also try to accommodate a variety of diets. We create our mixes so the user has a variety of choices. If you are dairy free you are still able to enjoy our mixes using your choice of milk alternative and substituting the melted butter for an alternative oil such as Canola oil, Sunflower oil, melted margarine or Safflower oil. If you are Vegan you can also opt to use an egg replacement product. NUT Allergies - our actual dried, specialty flavourings are developed to be free of nut allergens. Please be aware that some of our mixes do have the addition of ground nuts.*

*We assume specialty diets understand that the mix may be slightly altered with substitutes. Our mixes were originally developed using buttermilk, butter and eggs for the ultimate indulgence. They have not been extensively tested with egg replacements / alternatives. They have been tested using a variety of oils and milk alternatives and some customers have told .

* We encourage users to be accountable for their own health. The actual dried flavouring we use are ALLERGEN FREE, however some of the mixes do have the addition of ground or crushed nuts. The kitchen we use also stocks nut products. We do our very best with our procedures to minimize cross contamination. 



Enriched unbleached white flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, natural & organic powdered strawberry  flavouring [dextrose & natural flavours]