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Happy HO HO HO!

It has been crazy busy for us here at Lannie Rae Gourmet - as in unexpected, over the top, blown away busy! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Wanted to take a moment and share some Holiday Cheer before we take off on our family retreat to the mountains AND celebrate 15 years of marriage - yikes!! 

One of the traditions I (Alannah) have managed to maintain over the years, no matter where I have found myself, has been making my mom's homemade eggnog. She has been making this for well over 30 years - growing up we used to have an open house party on Christmas Eve every year - everyone welcome, after church, before church or no church - it didn't matter - all were welcome! I loved our Christmas Eve open house tradition! 

Here is the recipe - it is sacred - you should feel lucky I am sharing it! 😉

Time - minimal about 10 minutes. Very easy. 

You need a mixer with a whisk attachment and a large bowl. I serve it in a punch bowl with a side shaker of nutmeg so peeps can adjust nutmeg to taste. I also put it in sealable jars and give as gifts! Keep it chilled though! 

Feel free to ask questions - I will do my best to answer them for you whilst playing in the snow in the Canadian Rockies! <3 


Oh and leftovers!? Well - I know we are selling Rum and Eggnog pancake and waffle mix which is yum yum yum, BUT leftover eggnog makes a wicked coating for French toast......;) 

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